Solution Transfer Robots

Liquid handling robots have been used in high speed synthesis in a variety of ways. Most approaches that have seen light as commercial entities have used robots as a platform for a "Synthesizer." The entire reaction sequence takes place in a reactor block on the robot deck. Historically, the primary function of the robot has been reagent and solvent addition.

Our belief is that the reaction part is best done away from a robot and that the best use of liquid handling robots is in workup, purification and analysis. This greatly simplifies design and allows for use of the robots by others while reactions are running. We also believe that chemists should be able to perform a wide number of manipulations with little training and with short setup times. Full operation of our software can be taught in under 15 minutes and setup time for operations is typically under a minute.

Our unique approach to liquid handling robotics in the medicinal chemistry lab has been successfully used for over eight years in labs around the world. We even made it on the cover of Forbes (well, our robot did). We were in the process of bringing this technology to the general marketplace. But we're not anymore. Too many people have decided that this whole process can be accomplished better by taking the work to places where the wages are substantially lower than here in the US. But we leave up the information for our visitors because we think this is a pretty good way to do things. Please contact us for further details.

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