Solution Transfer-150

The Solution Transfer-150 system consists of a Tecan Genesis 150 with custom hardware and software. The system is very easy to learn and use. Training usually takes less than 15 minutes and setup for operation usually takes under a minute. The system is capable of performing extractions (liquid-liquid and SPE), filtrations, aliquot removal, and TLC plate spotting on both 96 and 24 well formats. It is also capable of transfers between 96 and 24 well formats. It is very fast. Performing 96 liquid-liquid extractions from a 2 mL, 96 well format takes around 4 minutes. Because of it's speed, this system can serve up to 20 chemists involved in parallel synthesis with little waiting between operations.

If interested, we can retrofit your unmodified Genesis 150 to use our software solutions. Contact us for details.

Software Interface (click image to enlarge)

Hardware in action (click image to enlarge)
Performing a liquid-liquid extraction from a 2 mL glass 96 well plate, through a filter plate plate and into a 1 mL glass 96 well plate as well as adding an aliquot for analysis to a polypropylene deep well plate.