Solution Transfer-75/1

The Solution Transfer-75/1 system is based on the Tecan MiniPrep 75/1 with custom hardware and software. The system is very easy to learn and use. Training usually takes less than 15 minutes and setup for operations usually takes under a minute. The system is capable of performing extractions (liquid-liquid and SPE), filtrations (including removal of scavenger resins), aliquot removal, and TLC plate spotting from both 96 and 24 well formats. It is also capable of transfers between 24 and 96 well formats and some Gilson rack formats (additional on request). It's pretty fast. Performing 24 liquid-liquid extractions from a 8 mL, 24 well format takes around 6 minutes. This system can easily serve 10 chemists involved in parallel synthesis, analogue synthesis or lead optimization with little waiting between operations.

For a detailed description of the robot and, more importantly, how it's used, click HERE.

To download a PowerPoint presentation with more pictures and less text, click HERE. and download the SERMACS presentation of 11/11/2004.

Software Interface (click image to enlarge)

Hardware in action (click images to enlarge)

Performing a liquid-liquid extraction from a SynthArray-24 plate, through a filter plate plate and into another SynthArray-24 plate.

Spotting a TLC plate from a SynthArray-24 plate.

Transferring aliquots from a 24-well plate to a glass 96-well plate for flow NMR.

Transferring prep HPLC samples (Gilson format if not a Gilson rack) to a 24-well plate.

Reagent addidtion from EPA vials to a SynthArray-24 reactor.