Reaction Calculator Help

This calculator gives you the amounts of reactants/reagents needed for a reaction. The calculations are based on the reactant given in the first row. So the first reactant requires a mol.wt. and the number of grams used. The other rows require the mol.wt. and the number of equivalents (equiv.) needed. Density can be added for each reactant and the volume needed will also be calculated. Reaction data is stored on your computer in a cookie.

You can use the JME Molecular Editor to add the appropriate reaction scheme.

Here's what the buttons do:

If you are logged in and you want to save your reaction to the database, you hit the "Save Reaction" text at the top. This will put a new reaction in the database. So far you can't update an existing reaction. We're working on it. And although the reaction scheme goes into the database, we're not doing anything with it yet. If you save a reaction to the database, only you can retrieve it, unless you check it off as a Public reaction.

And finally, you can write up an experimental in the bottom block. There are a few items that can't go into the text, like the apostrophe that I used in "can't".

Finally, the print page gives a prettier picture for printing. Unfortuantely, the scheme disappears when printing from Firfox. It does seem to work with IE but IE has another set of problems. Maybe I'll figure out how to turn the reaction into a picture one day and it should print pretty.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me at:

phughes at