The SynthArray Reactor System - Parallel Synthesis for Medicinal Chemists

The SynthArray reactors are a set of solution phase parallel synthesis reactors covering reaction volumes from 1 to 30 mL. Easily run parallel reactions from -78 to 250 C under inert atmosphere. They were designed to be usable by organic and medicinal chemists in the production of compounds for standard SAR analogue follow up as well as for library generation or reaction optimization in a process chemistry environment.

                         SA24 (69K)

SynthArray reactors were designed to mimic the function of the classic "round bottom flask" while also enabling efficient parallel synthesis. By this we mean that it should be easy to use in a chemist’s hood, be compatible with standard laboratory equipment, and should allow a wide variety of reaction conditions by the addition of functionality. However, it should also be compatible with standard liquid handling robotics and the wide variety of devices designed for microtiter formats.

How does it work?

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A report describing the SynthArray reactors was recently published in The Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry.

Novel Array Reactors for Parallel Synthesis. Philip F. Hughes, Thomas H. Graham and Jose S. Mendoza. J. Comb. Chem.; 2004, 6, 308-311.